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Ron Folse

Ron is part of a very talented musical family.  His father, "Pott" Folse, was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.  Ron has a degree in Music Education and a second degree in Accounting and is the owner of the truly affordable and professional DJ firm, Top Lafayette DJ.  Both Ron and his son Damian have had this DJ business for 14 years now, and it has become highly successful... mainly due to the unparalleled music system, the unbeatable pricing, and the extreme care that both take in professionally performing for all client's events.

Regarding the music system, please click on the tab on the left menu to view the $10,000 worth of top-notch, custom-built equipment.  As a former well-seasoned keyboard player, Ron has been custom-building equipment for many years now.  This DJ system is incomparable to any other and is the culmination of his years of sound system "know how."  


Damian Folse

Damian is Ron's son, also with a degree in Accounting.  He currently works as "the computer guy" and accountant for a rather large boat company.  He has a love for music, is very pleasant and considerate, and is a computer "guru".  He continually gets "rave reviews" from DJ clients for his professional performances.  He has 14 years of experience as a DJ, as well, and is very knowledgeable of all genres of music.  Clients continue to point out his "spectacular" attitude, personality, and flexibility when describing his DJ performances.  He can always be "counted upon" when it comes to satisfying the musical needs of customers at any type of event!!